History of Taekwondo GTF

History of Taekwon-Do GTF – Global Taekwondo Federation GTF was established in March 1990. The founder of the new version of taekwondo was the master (8th) Dan from ITF taekwondo – Pak Jun Te. Park Joon Te was born in 1943 in Korea. In 1970 he emigrated to live in Canada, the city of Toronto. In the International Taekwondo Federation ITF held high positions, in particular, he was the technical director of the International Federation and Eekwondo ITF. Over the years of his work alongside the founder of the ITF, General Choi Hong Hi, he made a great contribution to the development of taekwondo around the world, in particular, he was directly involved in the emergence of taekwondo in such countries as: the USSR, China, Japan, Vietnam. one of the best students of General Choi Hong Hi and one of his first students, he was the “right hand” of the founder of taekwondo.
But over time, it turned out that Pak Joon Tae separated from Choi Hong Hi, and created his own international federation – GTF, which means “Global Taekwondo Federation”. The word “global” is a word synonymous with the word “international”. The founder of the GTF came up with 6 new formal exercises in addition to the 24 already existing in taekwondo, and called them “hengs”. Also, the rules of the competition were slightly changed and the form of “doboks” for owners of 5-9 data was somewhat changed. Taekwon-do GTF was created in Toronto (Canada). Park Joon-tae remained the president of this federation until 2002. On April 11, 2002, Pak Joon Te died from a severe cancer. After the death of the founder of the GTF, his wife Linda Pak began to lead the federation.
In July 2022, at the GTF European Taekwondo Championship, which was held in the city of Kazan, it was announced the creation of a new international GTF Taekwondo Federation, the election of a new president of the international federation and the transfer of this federation from Canada to another country. The reason for this “revolution” was that Linda Pak, due to her advanced age, did not at all want to deal with the affairs of the GTP taekwondo, but did not want to develop and reform it. At this meeting in Kazan, a new GTP taekwondo federation was created, with a new charter of the federation and the governing bodies of this organization. Master Sergio Balan from Moldova was initially elected president, and the international federation itself was transferred to Russia and was registered in Moscow.
After the invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine and the genocide of its population, taking into account the complete economic, political, cultural and sports isolation of Russia around the world, the question arose of the possibility of finding the headquarters of the GTF in Russia. Russia was asked to voluntarily hand over the documents and move the headquarters to another country in the world. However, the Russian side refused to do this, at the same time, on the contrary, supported Russia’s attack on Ukraine in its official letters. Considering all these factors, in March 2022 an international conference of the countries participating in the international GTF federation was convened, at this meeting it was unanimously decided to move the headquarters from Russia to Kyiv (Ukraine), and Viktor Tikhonenko was elected the new president of the international federation. Until that time, Viktor Tikhonenko was the president of the European Taekwondo Federation of the GTF and the Taekwondo Association of the GTF of Ukraine, where he showed himself very well as a leader.
With the arrival of Viktor Tikhonenko in the new international taekwondo organization GTF, the organization got a “second wind”, reforms began to be carried out, changes for the better, modernization and new approaches to the development of the GTF in the world. Actively began to appear new countries – members of the international taekwondo federation GTF. In the very short time of the presidency of Viktor Tikhonenko, much more was created than in the 20 years of the presidency of Linda Pak (former president).

Today, tens of thousands of athletes in 50 countries of the world on all continents of our planet are engaged in taekwondo GTF.


Tykhonenko Viktor
President Global Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF)

Black belt DAN 5 Degree

Alexander Gongadze
Vice-President of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF), Head of the Certification, Technical and Disciplinary Committees of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF)

Black belt DAN 9 Degree

Nino Gongadze
Head of the GTF International Committee for Paralympic Taekwon-Do GTF

Black belt DAN 2 Degree







Ukraine, Kyiv city