In Prykarpattia, the Championship of Ukraine with Taekwon-do GTF finished!

Igor Iosypiv, [29.05.2023 0:51]
On May 19-20, in Prykarpattia, in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, the championship of Ukraine in taekwon-do GTF took place. Representatives from the western, northern, central and southern regions of Ukraine performed at this championship. This championship was a qualifier for participation in the European Championship in the fall!🇺🇦🏆🇪🇺

At the official opening ceremony of the Championship of Ukraine of the Taekwon-do Association of the GTF of Ukraine, the organizer of the competition, Ihor Ihorovych, gave a THANK YOU to the president of the Association, Viktor Valeryovych Tikhonenko, for protecting us and our state, UKRAINE, at this time on the front of Ukraine’s war with the Muscovites!

Igor Iosypiv, [29.05.2023 0:53]
He received thanks from the vice president and Acting President. of President Tikhonenko Valeriy Valeriyovych!📜🤵‍♂️
Thank you very much for giving the right and opportunity to hold the Championship of Ukraine for the first time in Western Ukraine – Prykarpattia!


🏆 Ivano-Frankivsk region took the 1st overall team place with 36 gold medals;

🏆 2nd place in the Kirovohrad region, 28 gold medals;
🏆3rd place in the Volyn region – 25 gold medals;

🧔🏻‍♂️The president of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional federation of the Taekwondo GTF Association of Ukraine was recognized as the best coach of the CHAMPIONSHIP – Yosypiv Ihor Ihorovych;

Igor Iosypiv, [29.05.2023 0:53]
We sincerely congratulate all CHAMPIONS, prize-winners, coaches, representatives and parents!
See you in October at the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP with Taekwon-do GTF!👋

Special thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to hold mass sports events, in particular this Championship of Ukraine!🤝

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